Bad Boundaries,” Thu, Mar 26, 11:30-12:45, with Megan Milks, Sam Cohen, Stephen van Dyck, and Dodie Bellamy.  I’ll be talking about editing the intimate, not-intended-for-publication correspondence of Kathy Acker & McKenzie Wark. “Bad Boundaries are symptomatic of immaturity, personality disorder, neediness, and/or lesbianism. While certain kinds of boundary-crossing (i.e., the blurring of gender binaries, the hybridizing of genre categories) are celebrated in queer and innovative art and writing circles, it seems even–maybe especially–those of us most invested in these kinds of boundary refusals are at the same time concerned with maintaining healthy relationship boundaries and solid ethics on issues of privacy and consent.”

Ooo: Objects as/and Subjects,” Sat, Mar 28, 2:30-3:45, with Vincent Dachy and Joon Oluchi Lee. My talk, “Spooky Friends,” is on drones & other friends.  “It has been commonplace in experimental writing to focus on discourse, text, culture, consciousness, or power as the main constituents of reality. Nevertheless humanity remains at the centre of these works, and reality appears only as the correlate of human thought.  Here we speculate about the nature of reality independent of thought and humanity to ask whether the “object” can speak? Can we write from its place, rather than our own?  What do objects have to tell us?  Who is able to hear them? Indeed, what can be an “object” be?”