Black Mirror


Black Mirror

Work about drones and surveillance using video, poetry, and drawings

DroneStudy#7 (Hellfire)

Ok, I think it wants to fly — yes, it wants to fly

Drone Study #4 (Dance)

A contest between new technology and the human hand

Drone Poem #18

Why can’t drones help us get hook up or get laid?

Drone Poem #19

Which drones are girls and which ones are boys?

Drone Poem #20

Tell me something about that guy across the courtyard!

Drone Study #1

Drone in the classroom: looking at it looking at us

Drone Study #2

Using the drone to spy on myself: what can you see about me in my car?

Dream Map #1

A dead cow appeared in Umar Ashraf's nightmare

Dream Map #2

One of Kathy Acker's dreams in Blood & Guts took place in Merida, Mexico

Dream Map #3

A recurring dream in which I feel the vibration my mobile phone

Drone Poem #1

Figuring out your real friends and your false ones

Drone Poem #2

When horrible things that you can't control happen

Drone Poem #3

Monsters aren't always who you expect or where you expect them