Fallen Fruit


Fallen Fruit

A collaborative project on fruit, neighborhoods, and the public


A year at LACMA with an exhibition, installations, and a performance event

Public Fruit Maps

Fallen Fruit began by mapping the fruit growing in public space

Double Standard

Two views of public space and two very different publics

Public Fruit Wallpapers

A series of wallpapers, each a portrait in fruit of a specific place and time

Public Fruit Jams

A public project to make collective, improvised fruit jams without recipes

Neighborhood Infusions

If you put your neighborhood in a bottle, what would it taste like?

Fruit Tree Adoptions

Distributing fruit trees to be planted on the margin of public and private space

Fallen Fruit of Utah

Curating Utah art to examine the cultural resonance of fruit

Public Fruit Theater

An installation featuring the year-long, durational performance of a fruit tree

Jam Score

The instructional, the experiential and the ephemeral woven together

Fruit Machine

Video portraits of teenagers around the world eating fruit for the camera

United Fruit

The most popular fruit in the world, the banana, is also the cheapest, but why?

The Loneliest Fruit

Lingonberries, salmonberries and blueberries growing in the Arctic

Public Fruit Meditation

Working quietly to think about fruit and use it as a social tool

Public Picnic Tables

Local words inscribed on a set of picnic tables for everyone

The Path is the Journey

A boy leaves home to wander and finds bright yellow plums growing wild

Love Apples

Tomatoes planted rogue on the streets of LA, left for people to discover

Acción Fruta Urbana II

The urban fruit action in Madrid took an unexpected turn

Acción Fruta Urbana

Direct, participatory plantings of fruit trees in public space in Tijuana

DelAire Public Fruit Park

The first public fruit park created in California

Everyday Objects

Objects fashioned from domestic items, with comments from visitors