EATLACMA Fallen Fruit 2010

EATLACMA was a yearlong residency at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2010 with three major parts.  The first was an exhibition of work from the permanent collection curated around the social topic of fruit, installed in a gallery with our Public Fruit Wallpaper, a LACMA commission.  Six curated artist’s gardens probed the definition of the garden, asking if it could express an idea, or serve as a container for a set of questions and concepts.  The culmination was a one-day event, curated with over fifty artists and collectives: Let Them Eat LACMA, which focused on the interaction of food, art and the public with a great variety of performances, installations, and participatory events.

EATLACMA: exhibition, installation and performance event at LACMA, 2010

See more images, the full exhibition and archival material at LACMA’s website.