Fallen Fruit was a collaboration I founded in 2004 with David Burns and Austin Young.  Using fruit as a lens, it examined public space, social relations and the politics of property.  Some of the work I’m most proud of are our participatory events, such as the public fruit jams, the public fruit parks, and the fruit tree adoptions we pioneered.  Though I left the collaboration in 2013, many of the interests I brought to it remain with me.  I’m compelled by art that uses participation and engagement to re-imagine complex social, economic and political problems.  My particular contribution was to rethink the relationship between the playful and the critical, theorizing some of the issues which can be found in this article from Cabinet and in this MIT anthology. My most recent critical thinking about social practice can be found here.

The Fallen Fruit projects that most represent my interests are posted here on my site; you can find other recent work by my former collaborators here.